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      3. Company Profile

        Dongguan Leexin hydraulic machine Co., Ltd was established in October 2011, is Taiwan INLEE Automation Co., Ltd subsidiary factory in China. INLEE Automation Co., Ltd found in 1993, is located in east oftaichungcity, we focus on mechanical hydraulic products, Is a company do collection development, production, sales in once of time.

        The main products: LEEXIN knife cylinder series, pressurized cylinder, supercharger, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system, hydraulic press, iron filings press machine; SCBS automatic compensation balance system; AUCO Hydrostatic rotary axis table; CEN sunshine exhaust heat ; INLEEO solenoid valve, connector components, three combinations, and other products. Among knife cylinder series, automatic SCBS compensation balance system, CEN sunshine exhaust heat is patented.

           Agent brand: LCH hydraulic valve, DOFLUID solenoid valve, MINDMAN pneumatic products, CJAC  buffer, PISCO connectors

          Vision plan: we adhere to customer first business philosophy, to satisfy customer demand as the highest principle, welcome OEM cooperation.

          Our company in dongguan owned 3000 square meters production plant, the company size is 60 people, our company have perfect production equipment and first-class technical staff, has a strong technical development and scientific research innovation ability, using scientific management methods, strict production process, excellent quality in guarantee, good service,praise of new and old customers.



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